Coffee Crazy shop update.


It is no secret that I LOVE coffee....I don't do ANYTHING in the morning before I have my coffee!  So it is easy to see why my coffee spoons are one of my favorite things in my shop

I have added some new designs and some new purchasing options & I wanted to share them with you! 

My newest, Original design "this is how we brew it" came about when I was working away last night singing Montell Jordan's "this is how we do it" to myself! I just love when inspiration strikes spontaneously!

My "no coffee no workee" is an oldie, but goodie! Also an original design & it speaks the least for me! 

These make PERFECT Christmas Gifts for the Coffee or Tea Lover in your life!! Add a bag of gourmet coffee and you will make any coffee lover's day! 

You can now purchase them individually or in sets of 2, 3 or 5

Which is your Favorite?

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