2011 Top Blog: Please vote for me!


As I said the other day, I was Nominated for the blog Guidebook's 2011 Top Blog!!! I am SO excited!  Today is the first day you can vote & it's the elimination round! Here are the instructions from The Blog Guidebook:

 "Only the blogs with the MOST votes will go on to the next round. This poll is the main elimination round...the cream of the crop will rise to the top. Round Two will begin on Saturday, November 19th at 12 a.m."
SO PLEASE Go vote for me!!! Click this link, scroll down until you see "Jessica N Designs" and vote! 

Thank you so much! Such an honor to be nominated!

P.S.. There will be a big prize pack for the winner...and if that is me, you better believe I will share! ;) 

If you vote for me, comment on this post...if I win, I will do a giveaway for those who voted! YAY 

NOW GO VOTE......for me ;) 

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