Sweet Baby...


I LOVE it when friends surprise you with something sweet!! 

My bloggy friend Aubrey told me she would like to make something for my sweet baby Lucy & I knew it would be awesome! So imagine my delight when this sweet personalized baby doll came in the mail for Lucy!

Lucy is almost 9 months, my favorite age!  She has been standing up on her own for a few seconds and is walking the length of the couch...pretty soon she will be walking on her own!

I love how she is really developing a personality now.  I love how cuddly she is, how she loves to play with my face and stick her fingers up my nose when I rock her to sleep! 

I love how she "sings" to herself when she is almost asleep.  I love how she crawls really fast head down, like a bull. I love how silly she is, crinkling up her nose and snorting at us all the time, that is my favorite thing she does and I will be sad when she stops. 

I love the sound of Ma Ma Ma coming out of her sweet baby lips.  I love how sweet she is. I love her big blue eyes, they remind me of her daddy.  I love how her face lights up when she sees her big sister and brother. I love how she throws herself face first into the floor when she is throwing a little fit...you know, it's still cute at this age! ;) 

I just love everything about my sweet baby Lucy!

Thank you so much for the sweet baby doll for Lucy, Aubrey!! 

It reminds me of a doll my great grandmother made for me. She was stiched together with a variety of different fabrics and stuffed just like Lucy's new doll is! I cherished that doll and kept it for my girls, just like I picture Lucy doing with this one! 

P.S. No, Lucy did not actually eat any Sweetarts in the making of this post...

Go check out Aubrey's store...I love her & I know you will too!! Also, stop by her blog and say Hi! She is so sweet!!

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