Shop Spotlight with Andrea of Knitty Bitties


I love doing shop spotlights! I love introducing you to new, amazing shops and their owners! I love seeing where they work, learning more about them & how they run their business and stay inspired! Today I am thrilled to introduce you to Andrea of Knitty Bitties:

Hi I'm Andrea!  I have a passion for creating (sew, sew, sew) and Knitty Bitties is where I can share that with you!

In 3 words I am: Shy, Funny, Bossy
I can’t live without: Iced Tea
My favorite Blogs are: Joy's Hope, Simplify & Oh! Fransson
This is how I like to Relax: napping or running
My favorite Tv Shows/movies: Gilmore Girls, Friday Night Lights, Devil Wears Prada & Sweet Home Alabama ... and maybe The Real Housewives of ... {shhh, don't tell}
My favorite materials to work with are: fabric, fabric and fabric :).
My Hometown: A small {not as small as it used to be} town in Idaho
My favorite room in my house is: Our master bedroom
Because: I get to go to sleep and wake up next to my other half
My favorite vacation was in: Maui, celebrating our 10th Anniversary
My guilty pleasure is: ice cream
My favorite fashion item is: cute shoes
I fear: one of my loved ones dying & my heart breaking
This is what makes me smile: A day spent with my big guy & our little guy
My Worst Habit: procrastination
I want to learn to: crochet
My advice to other Etsy Sellers: Success does not happen overnight. You have to work hard at your shop and you have to love what you're doing. Be the best you and don't try to be anyone else. Learn to take fabulous pictures. Connect with others.
My typical day is: I'll give you a typical 'school' day as our summer days are anything but typical :). We get up around 7:30AM do breakfast/check e-mails/tweet/get dressed and ready for the day 9AM school drop off/post office run/home to work 9AM-Noon Sewing/E-mail/Orders Noon-2PM Run/Lunch Break 2-3PM Finish up morning work 3-5PM Time with my little guy after school and dinner prep 5-8PM Family time/clean up/house chores 8-9PM A little more work 9-11PM Time with my sweets & bedtime
I stay inspired by: magazines, blogs, Pinterest, new fabrics
3 tools in my studio I can't live without: sewing machine, iron & rotary cutter


<------------------My Knitty Bitty! The Sugar Plum Dreams Camera Strap Cover! I LOVE IT! It makes wearing my camera so much more fun & fashionable! I get compliments on it all the time! 

I am thinking of getting the orange and teal one for fall...because you know those are fall colors and let's face it, I need an excuse to get another one!

Want your own Knitty Bitty? SURE YOU DO! There is way to many cute bitties in her shop not to!

She has mug rugs, totes, ruffle pouches, camera strap covers and a super cute ipad cover that totally makes me want to pull the trigger on buying that ipad I want!

Use Code: JESSNDESIGNS15 for 15% off

Happy Shopping!

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