Monday Mash Up: Shop with my Sponsors!


I know it's Tuesday...but Today's Monday Mash Up Features my AMAZING Sponsors! 
  1. Alexandra Rose Bib
  2. Sunshine & Carousels Ruffle Headband
  3. just.lovely.things fabric necklace
  4. June the Shop Make up Bag
  5. Camis Paperie Stationary
  6. Glow Kouture id wallet
  7. Pink Lemonade Rosette Headband
  8. Fa Sew La Stitches Rosette Wreath
  9. Enticing Treats Headband
  10. Dondalee's Ball jar cards
  11. Jenelle's Jemz Scarf
  12. Good Natured by Dani Ghost
  13. See Kate Sew Smashed Ruffle Clutch
  14. A3Sisters Necklace
  15. Soleil Selene Rosette Necklace
The Holiday's are coming...faster than you think! Why not shop my sponsors! They are all amazing women with crazy talent! And Handmade gifts are MUCH better and more thoughtful than anything you can find at Walmart! TRUTH!  

Some of my sponsor shops are on vacation, but be sure to check the sidebar often for pretty gifts, great blogs and wonderful women! 

Happy Shopping! 

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