Inspiration Workshop Week : Vintage


I love vintage. I love vintage inspired. I love vintage inspired clothes. I love vintage fabric. I love re purposing vintage items. Put me in an attic full of old stuff and I will be busy for hours! Me + Vintage = love.

Perfect that this week's Gussy Inspiration Prompt is VINTAGE!

I am so inspired by weddings and wedding photo shoots! Maybe because I am a romantic, I don't know, but something about them inspires me.  Maybe because I create Vintage Wedding Keepsakes! So I knew my theme for Vintage this week would be weddings!

image 1 2 3 4

I know if my hubby and I were to do our wedding over, it would be VINTAGE to the max! And we would dance to Frank Sinatra & drink champagne & admire all the lovely vintage touches!

As much as I love stalking wedding blogs for inspiration, I LOVE giving new life to Vintage Silverware and creating wonderful keepsakes for your wedding more!! 
 So I had to include some of my Re purposed Vintage Silverware!
Gussy Sews Inspiration Workshop!
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