Inspiration Workshop: Favorite Shop


Another week of Inspiration Workshop & I am excited about this week’s prompt: FAVORITE SHOP. 

I Love keeping up with trends and getting new clothes! Who doesn't?! But I can't spend a lot of money on clothes, in fact I don't like spending over $20 on one item most times! {Unless I TOTALLY Love it & it is totally neccessary} 

That's why I love forever 21! They always have trendy clothes, are totally my style & are CHEAP!

I put together a style board of a few of my favorite things 
from forever my new FAVORITE color...Coral:

clothes & accessories: forever 21 via jessicaNdesigns on Pinterest

Date night has totally been on my mind lately, so I put together an outfit I would LOVE to wear out with my Hubby!
Date Night Outfit Total: $60
Night out with the Hubby in a super cute outfit: PRICELESS ;)

What is your favorite Shop?

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