Friday Freebie & Totally Random Facts


I love this make today beautiful print by Laura Winslow Photography! Head over to her awesome blog & download & print it FREE! WOOOHOOO for Friday Freebies

Aaaannnnd...some totally random facts about me:
  • I am terrible at taking self portraits...but I am practicing!
  • My hands are as big as my husbands...embarrassing: Yes. Helpful with sports: Yes again!
  • I love to be the first one to dig into a new jar of peanut butter!
  • I am extremely competitive...we had a family whiffle ball game last weekend and I hurt for days after...but we WON
  • I LOVE Sweet Tarts! I could eat a huge bag in one fact I did when I was pregnant! ;) 
  • My house is a 98% of the time...It makes me feel guilty.
  • I REALLY want to travel the world...God made all these beautiful places & I want to see them!
  • I LOVE graham crackers with buttercream Mom used to make them for me. 
  • I used to think I looked fine without makeup, NOT anymore...guess that's getting older for ya.
  • That pic is a little sneak peek at my next shop spotlight! ;)
What are some random facts about you?

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