Summer Must Haves with Alex from Alexandra Rose


Hi there!
I'm Alex.
Wife to Mark, mommy to Isaiah and my fur-baby, Lenny Lennerton.

You can usually find me here,
...blogging about life. Mommyhood, crafting, recipes, DIY projects and things I'm passionate about.
But today, I'm here and I'm so excited because I'm sharing my
Summer Fav's
Here we go!
I have long hair
{that was thick-ish before I had a baby...but that's another story}
and can I just say that one of my fav things about summer is air-dry hair?!
I'm especially in love with slight waves and braided up-do's
 Source: via Alex on Pinterest

Pair that messy hair with cool, comfortable tops, cute shorts, flats, over sized sunglasses and low key accessories for the perfect summer look.
Source: via Alex on Pinterest

And I die for this leather hobo bag.
{if someone wants to send me a gift, I won't object}
Now that we have adorable summer hair and super comfy summer style, it's time to eat!
I'm a huge fan of make-ahead meals that can be eaten cold,
so during the summer,
this cold quinoa salad is my best friend.
And if it doesn't seem like summer just quite yet,
sip some lemonade from a mason jar and then tell me how you feel.

Yep, I thought that would do the trick :)
I've enjoyed sharing my summer fav's with you
{and I so hope you enjoyed hearing them!}
Come visit me at my place. Read, sit, stay awhile.
I'd love to have you.
Oooooh, and as a special treat
{since Jessica is off gallivanting around on vacation and we're, well, not}
Visit my shop and save 15% off your entire order when you use the code
Happy summer!

Hey all...It's Jessica...I am probably lying by the pool right now reading one of my favorite books, 'Breaking Dawn'! {Yes, I am a HUGE Twilight fan!} I hope you are enjoying getting to know some of my favorite bloggers! Be sure to stop by & tell Alex Hi! :)

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