Mountain Vacation Recap


We recently took a family vacation with Brooks' brother & his family to Massenutten Resort in Virginia. We stayed in a condo together and were a little cramped with 5 kids...but we had fun!!

Driving through the mountains is always my favorite, it is so beautiful! Everywhere you look there are stunning views! I took all these pictures out the window while we were driving! (Brooks was driving not me!)

 The Singing Tower outside the Luray Caverns. 

The first place we visited was the Luray Caverns...they were so amazing! It was very cool down there & the hour walk under ground touring them was pretty cool! 

Lucy only looks terrified...she really wasn't! :)

 These pictures really do not do the caverns justice!
Scenery while driving back from the Caverns
We went hiking & explored the amazing trails! 
 The kids were more than thrilled that they got to jump off the bed!
Lucy loved playing with her cousin Weber...
started crawling on her knees & ate her first puffs all on vacation!

The indoor outdoor water park was by far everyone's favorite...I felt like a kid again there! But we did not take our camera so no pics :( 

All in all it was a great trip, even if after we got home I felt like I needed another vacation! Taking all those kids is work!! :)

Where was your favorite vacation?
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