Friday Freebie & First day of School


Today was my babies first day of school...I was not ready for this day to be here yet. I mean WHERE has the time gone?!

But as they have to let them go someday...

So, I prayed I had prepared her for this, called my aunt to ask if anyone would be able to help her put the straw in her juice box and open her granola bar, reminded her to be kind to all the kids, especially the ones who may not have any friends, packed up her lunch, made her a necklace to wear, let her borrow my headband & prayed that she would do wonderful.

You don't know how many times today I have wanted to go peek in that class room to see how she is doing. I have a little trouble with letting go...

So in honor of her first day of school, I found some School themed printables:
Teacher Thank you Cards...I am sure these will come in handy! 
You can download and print them here.

Sweet little Lunch Box notes...available here

So, did anyone else send their baby off to school this week?

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