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Hello friends!! My name is Brittany. I {occasionally} blog over at 
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Jessica's idea, Summer Must-Haves is such a *fun* idea, don't you think?? I had such a long list of amazing things I absolutely need for summer
(okay...maybe not NEED...)

...and it took me a while to narrow it down to
my top FIVE.

My number one summer must-have....a good pair of flip flops!!!! 

I really couldn't shake that one from being my number one. I mean, summer just isn't summer without a great pair of flip flops to show off those cute feet. My favorites are from Old Navy - they don't give my feet blisters because they don't squeeze too tight, and yet they are supportive & don't wear out right away. And the best thing about them??? Old Navy often has Flip Flop Day where their regular flip flops are only $1!! (My Old Navy just had a huge sale on them a few weeks ago - I snagged five pair for $5!)

Along with the perfect flip flops....
{numero dos}
how about a great pedicure?

(I'm totally guilty of this too.) Summer sneaks up on me, and my hideous cracked nail polish is very un-flattering to my new cute flip flops. A quick (and relaxing!) trip to the nail salon should fix that. My favorite color? Sooki, from Zoya.
I totally love that color. If it's too deep for you, there are a lot of other really great color ideas for the summer {right here}.

On to Must-Have #3: a  really great dress.

Yes - I'm not a dress girl. But even I know the importance of a super flattering dress to wear to a summer party, or even just to feel extra pretty on some fine summer day.

I have had my eye on this cute sun dress for a while:

Not a white dress kinda gal? Here is a yellow dress I am in love with from Nordstrom:

And of course you can never go wrong with a great floral dress (my personal favorite):
I love all the dresses from DownEast Basics (where I picked that baby up!) At the end of the season, I can always grab one for a great price, too!

4: Great Summer Hair!

Have you stopped by The Beauty Department yet? Jessica actually introduced me to this awesome site
a few weeks ago.  I've been drooling over this hairstyle ever since:

see the rest here...
Not only do I love the wild colors, but the casual beachy look and feel of her hair just screams SUMMER!! Easy, casual, and flirty all at once.

But, my favorite hairstyle ever
(especially for summer)
has to be....:
I love it!
What is your favorite hairstyle?

Number five:
A great purse.
I don't know about you,
but I need a summer bag to do all my summer things with!
My wintery, zipped-shut purse doesn't quite cut it.
I need an open, fun tote during the summer.

This bag is bright, colorful, festive...and would go great with my kool-aid tipped hair, and white summer dress, don't you think??

I also love the bags from Ikabags on Etsy.

Which would you choose?

In my bag, (lime green of course!) you would find:
great tinted chapstick,
waterproof mascara,
and sunless tanner.

(all additional must haves...but that is for another blog post.)

I hope you enjoyed my visit!
And I hope you got some great inspiration
from my top five summer must haves.

(I'm planning my wardrobe/attire for next summer
 as we speak!)

See you around the blogging world  :)

Hey it's Jessica! Hope you're having fun meeting these great bloggers while I'm on vacation! Hopefully I am at the pool as you read this :) Be sure to go say Hi to Brittany!

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