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Hello! I'm Jordan Marie; a first time mother of a beautiful little girl, Scarlett-Marie Sue, or "Letti" for short. At Holding on to the Little Things I share the excitement of being a new mommy while I blog my heart out about our life and the world that surrounds us, as a journey written here to share with you!

In 3 words I am: mommy, writer, photographer
I can’t live without: letti, iphone, water, books, camera.
My favorite Blogs are: yours, mine, a real life fairy tale, a beautiful mess, 100 layer cake.. to just name a few
This is how I like to Relax: not much of this going on with a 4 month old, a full time blog and two part time jobs, but a pedicure, reading a book, see a movie, or veg out in front of the tele when i have no energy.. or when it gets really bad.. SLEEP! lol.
My favorite Tv Shows/movies: movies: you've got mail, pretty woman, breakfast at tiffany's, beastly, twilight saga, the good guy, where the heart is, remember me, love story, catch and release, avatar, harry potter, dirty dancing, step up, center stage, funny face, sleepless in seattle, phantom of the opera, charlie bartlett, the olsen twin movies, etc. .. tv shows: gilmore girls, tru calling, dollhouse, judging amy, gossip girl, the city, hills, miobi, sytycd, etc.
My favorite materials to work with are: pen and paper, tool, scissors and ribbon, camera 
My Hometown: born in houston, grew up mostly in hays kansas, been in houston for the last 7 years, but have moved over 50 times and lived in 5 states
My favorite room in my house is: bedroom and lil office space
Because: prettiest and softest. most productive room and all mine.
My favorite vacation was in: port aransas (a small beach town) last summer.. then six flags in houston, astros game at enron, ice skating, the butterfly museum and swimming in texas visiting as a kid one summer.
My guilty pleasure is: chocolate, iphone, and bread
I feel naked without: clothes lol jk.. iphone.. but now-a-days letti for sure!
I fear: death a little bit. other people taking care of letti when i'm not there. lol.
This is what makes me smile: letti, yummy food when i don't have to clean up.. aka a restaurant.. my family!
You may not know this about me: but i am obsessed with finger nail polish, i have too many books, i graduated high school a year early.  i am also obsessed with dressing letti up and getting her picture taken.. oh and taking pictures of her!
My Worst Habit: shopping! getting upset easily.
I want to learn to: be more crafty. i have a sewing machine that is collecting dust that i just had to have!
My advice to other Etsy Sellers: don't give up. take great pictures. i haven't opened up my etsy shop yet, but it is a work in progress!
My typical day is: waking up to letti's voice, feeding her, hopefully falling back asleep, waking up to her again, feeding her, feeding myself, blogging, feeding her, maybe shopping, something like that. just depends what day of the week and if i work.
I stay inspired by: browsing on etsy, reading other mommy blogs, letti, outdoors, my bestie abbey and her creative room, other blogs in general, etc.
3 tools in my studio I can't live without: computer, iphone, and camera.

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