My Favorite necklace & Let's Go back to Dating with a Bracelet.


The tag necklace is one of my favorite necklaces in the shop! I love that you can choose a word {or name} that reflects you, who you are, what you want to be or what you believe.  Mine says "grace''...because I am ever thankful for God's grace in my life.

What would your word be?
This is pretty much what all my notebooks & my backpack looked like in High School! The other day I found my old backpack in the back of my closet & it got me remembering those days...when I spent practically all day daydreaming about my honey. Waiting for the bell to ring just so I could catch a glimpse of him in the hallway or hold his hand to our next class. Practicing my first name with his last name on the sides of my homework. So in love, so full of dreams, so excited to be dating.

Well all of those feelings inspired my latest Bracelet: 
8 years of marriage later I still feel that b+j= love & I will wear this to prove it! 

The You+Me=Love bracelet is now available in the shop & there may be a discount code for this bracelet only on Facebook! ;) 

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