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When I decided I wanted a new blog design, I started searching the internet for a blog designer.  Most were WAY out of my price range and I could not really find what i was looking for. So I started paying attention to who designed some of the other lovely blogs I read & came across Laura Jane Designs.

I took a look at Laura's Portfolio, Services & Prices and decided to send her an email.  I knew right from her response that she was the one to go with!  She is so nice & helpful & talented.  I am one to constantly change my mind and & I am very visual so I had to drive her crazy, but she was so willing to get everything exactly how I wanted it! She was absolutely a pleasure to work with! Let's get to know more about Laura shall we?
Laura's Studio
In 3 words I am: blessed. loved. tired.

I can’t live without: barg's root beer. harry potter. wet sloppy toddler kisses from my son. sunshine and southern humidity.  sweet sweet tea. the internet. red lobster. colorful gel pens. roller coasters. corn dogs. my Savior. my husbands' jokes. 

My favorite Blogs are: Life in Grace (crazy inspiring), Pugly Pixel, I Am Momma- Hear Me Roar, and Gussy Sews
This is how I like to Relax: Curled up on the couch with my homemade Indy Colts blanket, a mug of over sweetened coffee and my Kindle reading a cheesy romance novel. The kiddo is napping, the dogs aren't barking, and the tv remote is no where near me. I get to live like this for at least two hours.
My favorite Tv Shows/movies: New favorites are True Blood, Castle, Modern Family and Dexter. Retired classics are Friday Night Lights, Home Improvement, Terminator: Sarah Connor Chronicles (I'm a wee bit of a nerd).
My Hometown: Tulsa, OK
My favorite room in my house is: My bedroom...

Because: ... because that's where I sleep. Which is always a thing of beauty.
My favorite vacation was in: San Diego for my honeymoon. It's the first & only vacation I've been on where we decided to stay longer on a whim. It was perfect!
My guilty pleasure is: cheesy romance novels. LOVE them.
You may not know this about me: i want to become a published writer one day. I already have my trilogy romance novels plotted out...
My Worst Habit: biting my cuticles.
I stay inspired by: reading. praying. taking a break. I read every book or magazine I can. I keep up with inspired blogs and articles. And sometimes, when I'm at a block or so overwhelmed that I can't take any more I just take a break. Step away from it for a while. Take a walk outside or a dance break with my son.

How did 
you learn & get into design? I'm completely self taught- up to a point. I wanted a fresh new look for Call Me Laura Jane and had so much fun putting it together myself that I decided to sell my services to help out my family financially. Now, I love designing so much that I'm working my tail off now to make this my full time job! My goal is to be a full time work at home mom by the end of the year. 

Have a look around my blog! I LOVE it! She did the whole design! I gave her a color scheme (Aqua & Mustard) and a general idea of what I wanted and she whipped it all up! I love my buttons too! She made them exactly how I wanted them! She also made my Etsy Shop Banner:

LOVE IT!!!!!!!

Find Laura:

I would recommend Laura Jane Designs 100% if you need any blog design work done! She also offers extras, like banners, buttons etc. So go check her out! 

Thank you Laura for letting us have a peek into your life!
I was not compensated in any way for this review, it is 100% my opinion.

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