Inspiration Workshop Week 6: Pamper Yourself


This Week's Inspiration Workshop Prompt: Pamper Yourself

I don't get much pampering time these days. Let's face it, with 3 kids, a hubby & my etsy business, I barely have time to take a shower most days. {sad, but true} So pampering to me is being able to change out of my spit up clothes, take a shower ALONE & get dressed in something other than my pj's.

But really, IF I actually DO get time for myself, manicures, pedicures & getting my hair done are not high on my list these days. I would much rather spend the day sitting outside with my best friend and:  
  • enjoy time with no kids
  • drink coffee
  • sip lemonade 
  • eat sherbet 
  • chat the day away
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