Help a girly out & Giveaway Reminder.



Hey lovlies! I am in need of your help...I'm entered in a contest to win a facebook landing page for my business from SO I NEED YOU TO PRETTY PLEASE go to her page, find the post about me that starts with "ENTRY #8" and LIKE IT! If I get the most likes I WIN!!!! 
The post you need to look for looks like this:
Entry #8: jessicaNdesigns/​/: At jessicaNdesigns I create & personalize Hand Stamped Vintage Silverware for your Wedding, your Home & your Garden! I also design and customize Hand Stamped, Unique & Meaningful Jewelry for all life’s special moments!
 I would LOVE it if you went & "liked" my entry! I REALLY would love to win & if I do, I am sure there would be a GIVEAWAY in it for you! ;) 

Tonight is the LAST DAY to enter the Posh Legs Giveaway

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