We interrupt this relaxing fantasy...



I need this.
How relaxing does this look?
I actually might try it
{you know, add it to my evergrowing to do list}
I will just lay back and take a nap in the shade as a cool breeze blows through my hair or lay down with a good book and some lemonade and R-E-L-A-X

I will lay back and relax for about .5 seconds before being attacked by my kids who will jump on the cushions and wrestle around until they rip down the netting.

Also, for some reason I cannot load the page on 30 handmade days to share what was going to be today's Friday Freebie...so head over there for a super cute free printable Father's Day Card!! I am TOTALLY printing it out for Brooks when I can get on! It is PERFECT for my 30 year old husband who still plays video games with his equally as old friends! ;)

Happy Weekend! Don't forget to enter the latest GIVEAWAY!

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