Vintage Rose Wraps (review)


Are you ready for some supreme cuteness?
I am so excited to show you the SUPER CUTE Vintage Rose Wrap Headbands Katie sent me!

When it came to choosing which ones I had to have, it was so hard because there are so many pretty ones!

There are so many fabric choices (adorable fabrics mind you) that there is sure to be one to fit everyone's style!
They are great for adding that extra pop to an everyday outfit! I wore mine one day with a simple white tank top and jeans and it really took that plain outfit to the next level! {plus, I got tons of compliments!}
CONFESSION... I have super thick super curly hair, that I painstakingly straighten.  Isn't it so true that we always want what we don't have? But, I do like that I can have the best of both worlds, curly & straight.  I love how this wrap helps keep those unruly curls out of my eyes!
What I like the most about the Vintage Rose Wrap is that you can wear it with every hairstyle! As you can see, I used it with a simple pony tail to give it some kick, used one to tame my curly hair, and went glam with my freshly straightened hair! LOVE! { my new shades?}
Another thing I love? 
How the Vintage Rose Wrap fits my daughter too! 
She loves them! And they make her look so stinkin' cute!

Ready for more? 
Come back tomorrow for the Vintage Rose Wrap
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