Vacations Past...


2 summer's ago we took a family trip to Washington State! 
It was BEAUTIFUL there! 
We stayed in this amazing Cabin!
It was so secluded and peaceful!

But flying from Ohio, to Texas to Washington (cheap tickets)
Pre-take off we had already 
opened the emergency bag of suckers! 
Let me tell you...flying with a 18 month old 
and a 2 1/2 year old was 
We were those people, who everyone looked at 
and cringed because we were on their flight.
{a story all in itself....}

When we arrived we checked out the river behind our cabin.
 We ate ice cream.
 Lots of ice cream!
 We went hiking to some AMAZING waterfalls!
We stopped at Diablo Lake
I have never seen anything like it, it was turquoise!

 I can't remember the name of this place, but it was probably the highlight of the trip for me! 
The water that runs down into this lake is said to be from a glacier and it was FREEZING
But we had to jump in anyway:

It was so much fun!

 We hiked up a trail to the top of this peak...
AMAZING view! 
This is the family: 
My husbands brother, his wife and son. 
Us in the background. 
My mother and sister in law

 We had so much fun, except for the nightmare flight! 
But on the way home we benadryled the kids (Shhhhhhh) 
and they slept the whole way.
Otherwise I would have had a nervous breakdown. 

This year we are going to the Mountains again, 
this time in Virginia. 
We are staying at the Massenutten Resort. 
I can't wait! 

Where are you going this year?

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