Dear babies...


I am not the greatest at keeping up with your photo albums & slack on your baby books {for shame, i know!} but you have all been on my heart lately. Much more than usual, which seems impossible, because you are my whole world.

Dear 5 year old Brooklyn, 

You are getting so big.  I can not believe you are 5 years old.  It makes me sad, but happy. I cried the other day reading your school supplies list for this fall..Where has the time gone? You are such a constant chatter box, I wonder if they might send you home from school for excessive talking. :)  You told me the other day that you are going to grow up and get married so you won't always live here with me...You are so smart & loving & funny.  I love the silly songs you make up, how you have such a vivid imagination & love to create & I love that you always want to help with your baby sister and that you still love to cuddle! I pray everyday that you become a beautiful young lady who loves the Lord & is kind to everyone you meet.  I will always be here for you, for anything. I am so proud of you!

Dear 3 year old Lofton, 

I love this picture, it defines you: huge little boy smile, in high gear, happy, free, always wearing a hat. You are my wild child, not bad {most times} just full of energy, destruction, noise &'re just a boy! You would play in the dirt & "fix" all day long! You even sleep with your tools most nights! Now that Lucy is here, I look back to when you were a baby and find that I forget so much.  When you were 2 months old I found out I had cancer, and through out most your baby days, I was sick, doing chemo & radiation. It makes me sad. But I am blessed and beyond happy to be healthy and with you now to make so many memories! I love the times when I can sneak in snuggles without you noticing, I love how you leave the s off all your words {take for snake, tiff for sniff, tink for stink etc), I love how when you pray, you start with "Hank you Jesus" {Daddy and I always giggle at that} I will always be here for you, for anything. I am so proud of you.

Dear 5 month old baby Lucy, 

You really are a sweet peanut. Everyone comments on how happy & content you are! As you see in the picture, you like to suck your thumb...I am mixed about it, it is nice (and so cute, let's face it) that you can soothe yourself.  But a thumb is not something you can take away like a binky...but I am not too worried. You are so curious right now, grabbing at everything your little chubby hands can reach.  I love your little baby lips, your slobbery baby kisses, your baby giggles & your little baby noises. I love how you reach for my face when I rock you to sleep! You bring me such joy, it is sad to think you might be the last baby.  But I am so blessed to have you.  You look exactly like your sister did, it is so hard to tell your pictures from hers when she was your age!  It will be interesting to see if you look this similar when you are older.  I love how perfectly you fit into the family, there were times when I was pregnant that I wondered how I would do it, some days are still like that, but I can't imagine it any other way. I will always be here for you, for anything. I am so proud of you!

I love you all more than life,

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