The Sweet Sugar Beet.


I stumbled upon Haley's Amazingly cute shop
a little while back and fell in love
with her stylish & super cute items!  

As you know, I am obsessed with fun, pretty fabrics...
so imagine my delight when this arrived in the mail:
 {me trying & failing to do a self portrait a la Little Miss Momma}
 Random...but thought it looked pretty next to my lilacs!
Haley sent me the LARGE Cosmetics Bag
Look at that fabric....*swoon* 
It fits all the makeup I use everyday and then some! 
And it is so bright & colorful! 
The fabric is perfect!

The Sweet Sugar Beet is FULL of AMAZING
items done up in fabrics that are to die for! 

Come back tomorrow 
You don't want to miss more items from her shop!
Plus, we will learn more about Haley
the Sweet owner of Sugar Sweet Beet
& of course we will have the:


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