Q&A: Things You Wanted to Know (Part 1)


I thought it would be fun to take some of your questions, so I opened it up for your questions on facebook and here are some of them along with my answers:

(Rozalynn Rowbury said: My sister and I just started a blog trulie-scrumptious.blogspot.com and would LOVE any tips or ideas you have on making such a fun/successful blog! Thanks!

Well, I started this blog (and my shop) kind of on a whim.  I wanted something to do creative-wise and actually was blogging at my first blog (a TWILIGHT blog that I no longer update....SO SORRY EDWARD, please forgive me...I still love you like WHOA)

When I started no one even followed me (except family members that I required to do so) for quite some time, and I didn't really even know what I wanted to blog about. 

I really started gaining followers fast this year when I really found who I "wanted to be" in the blogging world, which I think is key!  I kind of kept posting and posting (some really crappy posts mind you) until I found me and my voice & discovered what it was I actually wanted to be blogging about!

I also think it is very important to have a good looking blog. Paying a designer to make a blog design you love will pay off!  Think about it, if you come across something that is not appealing to the eye, do you even give it a second look? I know I don't.  If it doesn't look interesting, I don't think it will be interesting. That goes for anything, not just blogs.

Another thing I think is super important is connecting with other bloggers out there, leaving comments on other blogs (bloggers love comments from readers!), asking them questions, swapping blog posts or giveaways (readers love giveaways) joining in link parties and finding inspiration from others.  I have found that when you start commenting on other blogs and getting involved in the blogging community, they will come check you out and do the same! Then word starts spreading! It's a win win!

Happy Baby Designs asked: How about the juggling act between kids/blogging/working/cleaning, etc... How do you manage?

Oh my, sometimes I don't think I am managing!! I am married, mostly a stay at home mom, I work outside of the home on Friday's only, mostly to keep sanity and get out of the house (though Lucy does come with me.)

I have 3 kids, Brooklyn is almost 5, Lofton is 3 and Lucy is 4 months.  My house is in a constant state of disaster, there is always laundry in baskets waiting to be folded and put away, toys are literally everywhere and dinner usually consists of frozen something or another (I am ashamed)  But I love what I do, yes sometimes I am overwhelmed and have trouble asking for help (I am a bit of a control freak) but my husband is understanding, most of the time. Even he gets tired of fish sticks and mac and cheese at some point! LOL

My most recent To-Do list

I make a ton of to do lists and don't quite feel like I am ever caught up!!  I do feel like I am constantly in "go go go" mode! I do a lot of work during nap time and when my husband gets home he plays with the kids to allow me some time to finish up orders.  

Then at dinner time, I take a break and we just be a family. We usually do something outdoors, go on a walk, play in the yard, go to the park, work in the flower beds etc. and then always end the night with a movie of some sort all together on the couch! 

 Outside, collecting worms! 

 I also think it is very important to reward myself too, otherwise I get too stressed and overworked.  I like to have my coffee and blog time in the morning, then in the afternoon when the kids are asleep I have my second cup and work while watching a TV show I enjoy.  I also allow myself the occasional splurge for all my hard work. (My most recent purchase was this bag which I was able to pick my own fabric for!) 

(the first kind I made!)

Robin McCray said: I LOVE my stamped necklace my husband bought me for Valentine's Day. The two circles have our initials and the single platinum pearl represents our son. I wear it every day! How did you get into making stamped jewelry?

Natassia Butler asked: I guess this is kind of the same question, but how did you get started? And also what made you start your shop?

It was kind of a whim really (like most things in my life) I am always saying to myself "I could do that" most things I try and then forget, but when I wanted a handstamped necklace with my kids names a few years ago I decided that was one thing I could do myself! So I asked for the stamping tools for Christmas and my husband lovingly  bought me even though he gets tired of all my projects sometimes! 

I made a necklace for myself and soon family and friends wanted me to make them one.  One day I came across Etsy, I don't even remember how, and said to myself "I could do that" and opened up shop!

Stay tuned for Part 2 where I will answer more of your questions! 

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