Why There Aren't Many Pictures of Me...


 Daddy & Lucy

When we flip through the kids baby books & our family photo albums, there is usually someone missing....ME! 

I am always the one taking the pictures, documenting our trips, special moments, parties, daily life.  It's the same when I look through my own albums...my Mom is always the one missing too! And now that she is gone, I wish more than anything I had more photos of her from when I was growing up. 

So I have been trying to get my husband to take some pictures of me with the kids too.  But it is always a hassle...I get the "huffs" and the eye rolls. And it seems so fake, like "OK honey, look at me, I'm playing with the kids...take a picture now!"  Why are men like that?!

{to his credit he is not always like that but this is my rant so...}

I'm not saying I'm a master photographer, far from it. But you should see the pictures he takes... 

  People's Heads are cut off.
 Distracting objects are in the background.
And the worst...He takes pictures from below, which makes you look fatter!

But I love him anyway! And even though my head might be cut off, there may be large computer screens in the background, and the pictures might be taken from the "FAT ANGLE"...At least there will be some pictures of Mom! 

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