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 I am excited about today's Mini-Feature and Giveaway! 
Meet Irene Powell...owner of

Give us a summary of your store and the handmade products you sell:

I always feel a teeny bit funny about describing my products as ‘handmade’. I sell art – in the form of photographs, which I certainly take, but they’re not exactly handmade. I photograph everything I see, and the photos I think are prettiest or most interesting are the ones you get to see on Etsy.

{Irene's The Road Less Traveled Set}
What makes your product(s) stand out amongst the rest?

There are so many talented photographers on Etsy, it’s really amazing to me some days that I get noticed at all. One thing that I think I offer that is a little more unique is photo sets – I try to put together 3 or 4 photos that have a unifying theme (colour, location or subject) and list them as a group. A lot of times I’ll print a really beautiful 8x10 to frame and hang, but find I can’t quite figure out how it fits with a room. Sets make adding art to your décor so much easier. I am also in the process of adding some listings of panoramas that are made up of several individually framed photos – so each photo looks cool on it’s own, but when hung side by side, they form a larger picture for a greater visual impact.

Is this your job or just a hobby?

It’s both. Photography is my job – it’s the only income I have, but it’s also something I enjoy. I would keep photographing everything I see even if I completely stopped making money off it. Of course, I’d have less time for the hobby if I had to get an outside job, so please buy my photos! ;)

What inspires you to be creative?

I wish I knew! That’s something I haven’t figured out yet. Some of my prints are photos I took because I was out somewhere, saw something beautiful or interesting and took a picture of it. Some of my other shots are very deliberately set up, from ideas that just pop into my head. I try to observe detail very carefully – some of the most brilliant photos I’ve seen were of very everyday things, but viewed from a different angle.

{Irene's cute Blog Header}

Aside from your Etsy shop, what other creative things interest you?

I love music and theatre. I sing and play piano. A few years ago, my older son took violin lessons, and he was at school, I would borrow his teeny violin and go through his lessons, so I could learn to play too. I love to have creative projects going – I blog ( and give myself challenges there – for a while, I tried posting a photo a day, things like that.

{Irene's Bag from Medium Control}

What is your favorite product you've purchased from another Etsy seller?

Just before Christmas, I bought a carry all bag from Medium Control as a gift for someone. It looked good online, but in person, it was so much nicer – I love the cleanliness of their designs. Definitely one of my favourite shops.

Where do you see yourself in ten years?

Ten years is a long time. Career-wise, I would be quite happy to be doing what I am now – obviously with a few more sales under my belt. My kids will most likely be off doing their own things by then, and I can’t really say that I think I’ll still live in Ontario. There are so many more fascinating places to live. I’ve spent a lot of time in England lately – I could really see myself living there.

 {Pink set of 4}

What is something really interesting about you that others should know?

I am appallingly bad at answering this sort of question. I’m of Dutch and Indonesian background, which is kind of cool. When I was younger, I was really into extreme… well, anything, and I dislocated my thumbs enough times that a doctor showed me how to set them myself. Besides English, I speak French, Dutch and Spanish. I learned Papiamento at one point, but it’s a little rusty these days. Tur kos ta bon, danki! ☺

Irene takes such beautiful pictures! 

I was delighted when she sent me the Road Less Traveled set! I LOVE Black & White Photos! 
I have a B&W Photo wall in my living room & that is exactly where I hung her lovely photos:


Irene is GENEROUSLY giving 
one lucky reader a $50 credit  
to her shop! AWESOME!
You have 5 chances to win! 

Leave a SEPARATE comment for each thing you do!

Here is how you enter to win:
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