FrEEna Design Minifeature & GIVEAWAY!


 Remember the super cute earrings 
I got from FrEEna Design
Well today I am super excited about introducing 
you to Christina of FrEEna Design 
& giving you the chance to WIN one of my favorite pieces!

 I came up with some super fun questions so we can get to know Christina better.


can’t live without:
My favorite Blogs are:

I can say mine, since I have a couple of my own:
but other than that I like to browse on friends blogs, photography, travel.

This is how I like to Relax:

swinging in my old yard, watching the stars
My favorite Tv Shows/movies:  

The Office, Lie To Me, Project Runway, Design Star, The Colony
Movies: Inception, The Pursuit of Happyness, A Knight’s Tale, The Pianist, The Devil Wears Prada, The Book of Eli
My favorite materials to work with are:

Lace, Copper, Cotton

My Hometown:

Bucharest, Romania

My favorite room in my house is: the living room/work space :)
Because: it’s where I spend most of my time, either working, dreaming, having dinner, relaxing.

My favorite vacation was in:

Prague, Czech Republic where I actually dream to move one day.

My guilty pleasure: Chocolate and Pepsi

In one word I am: quirky

My favorite fashion item:  Striped navy shirt

I fear:  regrets.

This makes me smile: My husband dancing, New family photos, Music, Color Combination, Surprises, Fresh Air, Hugs.

You may not know: I have another 11 brothers and sisters, same parents.

My Worst Habit: Tapping my feet impatiently when I am sitting down, even when I do something that I enjoy.

I want to learn to: swim

Favorite item I bought from another etsy shop is: So far just supplies but I’m planning on getting a leather handmade journal.

My advice to other Etsy Sellers:  Keep improving your shop, creating new things, and hoping. That sale might be just around the corner.

My typical day is: Breakfast, checking email & other accounts, talking to my family online, go out take a walk and check the mail, working on different projects, I like to watch a movie while I’m having lunch, continue with work, cooking dinner,  cleaning, spending time with my husband

I stay inspired by: 

Browsing through fashion magazines, looking at what others like to wear, nature and other artists.
I am a very visual person and if on a certain day I do a lot of research, before bed my mind startsputting pieces together and new ideas will pop out.

3 tools in my studio I can't live without
: scissors, needle, wire pliers 

That was fun! :)
And speaking of FUN...
Cristina is GIVING AWAY 
this AWESOME bow tie necklace!
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5 Chances to WIN
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Contest ends 5/5 & Winner Announced on 5/6!
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