DIY Woven Burlap Covered Cork Board.


I saw this Woven Burlap Covered Cork Board over at
and knew I wanted my own!

 I started with 2 small cork boards I got at JoAnn Fabrics 
and followed the tutorial at Jones Design Co.

First I cut out a square piece of burlap big enough to cover the board & go over sides to attach to the back. 

Then I used a glue gun and attached the burlap to the board by wrapping it like a present!

She used a staple gun {below is the reason I didn't} 

 The reason I am not using a stapler gun...
and why so many tools are missing in this house.
After the burlap is all attached, 
I cut strips of burlap like the ones shown.
Then I attached them to the two sides with my glue gun. 
After they were attached,
I flipped it over like shown in picture 3.
Then I began weaving the strips up 
and under like a basket weave.
{I was real good because we used to do this in elementary school}
After the Weave was complete, 
I glued the ends to the back & that's it!

 Not as cute as hers, but I like it!
 Upper left corner: Inspiring Photo
Upper Right: Cute note from Andrea
Lower Left: Note Card I sent out this week
Middle: My first Rosette {post coming}
A peak at my work area...
while it is actually organized!

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