Around My Neighborhood...


 {daffodils blooming outside our door}

So as you can see {and maybe you don't come because my blog hurts your eyes} my blog is still all messed up due to whatever photobucket is doing over there....

But I still wanted to participate in Little Miss Momma's new photo series! I think it is such a good idea! 

And today's series is I spy: Neighborhood Edition

So here is what I spied around my Neighborhood today:

My little man's construction site 
smack dab in the middle of our sidewalk.

 The Beautiful Church right down the road.

 A cute house I love down the street...
she always has the cutest decor outside
I can't wait to see what she does this year!

 Everyone has these little plant houses!

 An Eclectic store downtown 
that sells all kinds of odd things

 Our Museum sign & a view of 
"The Little Switzerland of Ohio"

 3 little noses peeking in the Drug Store Window

Amish Buggy...because it wouldn't be a day in 
my Neighborhood without one of these!

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