I Can't Sew Curtains...But I can Tie Knots! (diy)


I got the idea for this fringe fabric garland over at  
Sunshine & Carousels, a new blog I found! 
How cute is that?

Here is what I did to make mine:

I went the easy route & bought fabric that was
already cut into 2 1/2" x 42" strips.  
Mostly because I fell in love with the colors & patterns of this bunch:

 Then I measured the area I wanted to 
hang my  garland & cut my twine accordingly.

I laid the fabric out how I wanted it to hang on the twine:

Then I started tying it onto the twine with knots, not worrying about lining it up perfectly because I wanted mine uneven. 

I did that until I used up all my fabric. 

Then my fringe fabric garland was ready to hang:
{sorry the lighting sucks}

Easy Peasy! 

Now it serves as a cute curtain too!

Sunshine & Carousels is having a Spring Fling Event with lots of lovely ideas like this! Go check it out!

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