New Blog Design Coming: I Need Your Help!


I have been wanting to update my blog.
Make if fresh, clean, professional looking & easy to navigate.
So I ordered a new blog design from Laura Jane Designs.

The problem is I am having trouble deciding on my color scheme. 
So I thought I would ask your opinion.

I love aqua & mustard lately! LOVE IT!
So I was thinking of using Aqua, White & Mustard colors for the blog.
Not sure which will be the main color and which will be the accent color.

So, what do you think? 
Do you like this color scheme? 
Which color should be the main color? {Aqua or Mustard}
Which should be the accent color? {Aqua or Mustard}
Should I find a whole new color scheme?

PLEASE, let me know in the comments!
Thanks bunches!

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