Caution: Kitchen Makeover In Progress...


This is my current kitchen...not bad 
(just ignore the HUGE pile of stuff on the island) 
but I get bored easily and
always want to change it up. 
I constantly rearrange furniture in my house!
 So I decided to spruce it up for Spring! 
My main objective was to brighten up the room 
since it's not so big. 

It was a little dark in there 
with the red walls & tan cabinets!
 So I am painting the cabinets & walls! 

This is my favorite part of my current kitchen:
I LOVE you Keurig!

To give you an idea of what i am doing...
here is my inspiration:

I saw this strainer in the store 
and made a bee line for it!
(I think people thought I was nuts) 
it made me decide to redo my kitchen!
SO excited to show you how it turns out! 
It is currently in progress...
I am ready to be done. :)

I am linked up over here:

Lovestitched is also GIVING away this awesome 
eat sign that I MUST have for my new kitchen:

Stay Tuned for the final results!!

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