Aubrey Plays Review & DISCOUNT!


Aubrey Plays is a super cute shop
with a super sweet owner! 

Let's learn a little about Aubrey & her shop
while we take a peek at her designs: 

How did you come up with the name of your shop?

aubreyplays got named when I started my blog about 3 years ago. I was at a point that in my life everything felt too serious. I NEEDED a reminder to PLAY, to get back to my authentic self. I wanted to enjoy the simple things. The tagline was actually a note to MYSELF. Funny, because it worked! It changed the way I looked at the world and I started to play again. I started to play in the rain and smell the roses, to lay in the grass to take pictures of a ladybugs. To chase ducks. To LIVE. To make fun of life. So, when I decided to open my shop the name still serves its purpose and is open ended enough to be anything. I won’t be stuck just selling one thing. I hope it also passes on the spirit of play a little.

How cute are these lunch bags?
They make me want to start school again!

What inspired you to start selling your products on Etsy, and how long have you had your shop?

I have always imagined a little coffee shop full of my artwork and little goodies, happy people and good energy. Etsy lets me have a virtual one. I have so many interests it was hard for me to commit to just one thing. I painted murals for 10+ years. I was ready to move on. I was ready to focus on something different that I could do at home mostly. I took the Etsy leap just a few months ago November 2010. I am a newbie.

Much better than throwing change 
in the bottom of your purse!

What makes your product(s) stand out amongst the rest?

My products are fun or quirky. They are more unique than something you would see at Target (though I DO love Target) Because everything can be custom, it lets EVERYONE PLAY. My customers can express
themselves. I am a real mom and a real gal, so I try to customize things to suit everyday life.

Speaking of purses...
How lovely is this one!
It's reversible!

Is this your job or just a hobby?

I am first and foremost a mama to three awesome little monsters. Let’s be completely honest: I need extra money. Who doesn’t? I also need the output. I am putting my heart into this and crossing my fingers that it turns into something big and that part time job won’t ever happen ;) And maybe this mama can prove herself to the world a little.  

And while we are on the subject of reversible...
Let's talk about my awesome Funky Errand Bag!
I am in love with it! The fabric is so cool!
 And the bag is reversible!
The coolest part is the embroidered patch...
You can pick any saying you want! 
I of course picked my Motto:
Keep Calm & Carry On!

Want one of your own?
You are in luck! 

Aubrey is giving my readers 
a 10% discount  for anything 

Use coupon code: JESSICAROCKS

What are you going to get?

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