Saturday Style Crush: Whippy Cake Accessories


I stumbled upon Whippy Cake through another blog I read & it was love at first sight!  I love these hair pieces...I need one!  They just add that little extra glam to your outfit! 

What is even better is that each applique comes with a single prong pinch clip and a velcro attachment you can interchange with any of their headbands....Talk about awesome! That way you can wear it as a headband one day, attach it to a tank top the cool!

I also love the french inspired videos on the site! So chic! 

I love Becki's purpose behind creating Whippy Cakes: "I believe Whippy Cake can inspire women everywhere to focus outwardly and serve and love others to find true happiness. I hear you asking now "How do you do this by selling accessories?" Good question. Here's my philosophy: when you look good then you feel good then you will do good." {Read more here}

I hope to be adding a Whippy Cake Accessory to my wardrobe soon...and LOOK they even have BABY WHIPPY CAKES...oh my heart...
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