5 Beauty Must Haves


My best friend Crystal keeps an online journal where she writes about whatever happened or was on her mind that given day...most of it is so funny! She fills me in! She jokes how she is going to make it into a book one day...she totally should, it would be hilarious!

Anyway, the other night she emailed me that in her journal she picked her top 5 beauty must haves and vowed to try and use them everyday.

As stay at home Moms, that's easy not to do...I know I am in sweats and t-shirts 90% of the time! So we thought it would be fun to share our top 5 beauty products with you:
  1. Mark Pressed Powder Foundation
  2. Mark Touch & Glow Shimmer Cream Cubes
  3. Avon Smooth Minerals Lip Gloss
  4. Mark Skincare Kit
  5. Chi Hair Straightener
  1. Tweezers
  2. Avon Silicon Glove Hand Cream
  3. Clinique Mascara
  4. Blistex Raspberry Lemonade chapstick
  5. Avon Smooth Minerals Blush
As you can tell I use a lot of Avon & Mark...yes I do sell it, but only because I love it & it rocks! Otherwise I would not share it with you!

You can find the Avon & Mark products here!

What are your top 5 Beauty Products?

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