Fair Warning...I Might Disappear!


I totally want this chair & all the pillows
to sit in with baby #3!

I am due (with baby #3) in 18 days!!!

I went to the Doc today & was almost 2cm <---Anyone who has been there knows this is totally huge! I hated leaving the doc with my other 2 after they said, sorry nothing yet...

So if I just up and disappear on you...you will know why!

I am getting totally excited, nervous, impatient, uncomfortable, worried, elated....basically I am all over the place! Hail pregnancy hormones!

So, I will be taking a tiny little break while I am at the hospital & probably the first couple days home....unless I get bored....HA: don't think that will happen with a 4 year old daughter, 3 year old son and a brand new baby...but ya never know.

HA! So funny!

But for now, I will keep on blogging...until those contractions start and we are off to have baby number 3!

p.s. We don't know what it is....and we are STILL deciding on names... :/
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