Wish List Wednesday: Guest Poster!


My Best Friend Crystal always appreciates my wish lists so this week, I asked her to do her own Wish List!

Us a while back
(My hair was just growing back after Chemo)

Crystal's Wish List:

1. Over sized blue and yellow towels for my bathroom (10 of them) that I'm turning into a beach theme. So that each time I am in there I'm instantly at the ocean....ahh if only it worked like that!

2. A Bright Orange beach chair that says "MOM ONLY" for me to lay out on...because I lay out aaallll the time ;)

3. Some type of old fashioned cabinet with all kinds of coffee's for hot and iced coffee breaks :)

4. A pair of jimmy chu shoes...just to say that I finally got a pair

5. A professional organizer for a day.... even though my house appears to be clean and organized. lift or open something and you will think other wise.

Fun to dream... I always love your lists so I had fun with mine.

Thanks Crystal!
I want a beach chair too so we can lay out together!
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