Lovely Reclaimed Fabric & My Sewing Project


I can't sew.
I wish I could.
I am going to learn.

{wouldn't it be more fun to learn with this machine?}

The weird part is everytime I see really cute fabric, especially vintage/vintage inpsired fabric I am drawn to just pulls me in & I have no idea why. It is not like I can make anything with it! I have a big bag full of fabric in my closet just waiting on me to actually use it! It is like I was a really, really good sewer in a previous life or something!

So...when I found this lovely fabric from whimesydots I HAD to have it! I have been looking for some seriously cute vintage fabric to make pillowcases for my daughter. (I am redoing her room now that she is in a twin bed) And this reclaimed vintage fabric totally fit the bill!

Now all I have to do is rope someone into helping me make these super cute pillowcases!!

I will keep you posted on that! ;)

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