I Was Featured on the Etsy Front Page: A.K.A. The Post Where I Freak Out!


So there I was, logging on to Etsy to check orders like I do everynight...except this night was so much BETTER than any other night...I saw MY Garden Markers on the FRONT PAGE of ETSY!

There they are...in the top left corner!

THE FRONT PAGE! I was beyond excited....I tweeted, texted & facebooked everyone I could think of!! I was so pumped...and of course it was one of the RARE nights I was home alone.

But I called up Brooks (my hubby)
and shouted the news!
He was so excited and couldn't believe it!

But it was true!
(I took the pictures to prove it!) :p

I always wondered if I would be able to add
this button to my listings:

It is so weird, just 2 days ago I was telling Brooks I was picked for Etsy Treasury & that it was the first step to being on the front page....and now a mere 2 days later I was on the front page!!
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