I Love Glee & Monday Mash-Up


I love Glee...LOVE IT! The show is amazing, plain and simple. Anyway if you watch the show you know what a mash up is...if not, it is bascially a couple songs "mashed" together and performed in an amazing GLEE-ful way.

On to my point....The Glee mash ups have inspired my new weekly feature post called Monday Mash Up.

I did something similar last week when I posted teal treasures....Monday Mash Up will be just like that, a mash up of some of my favorite things on etsy!

So without further ado....I present the very first...

Monday Mash Up:
It's Good to be Green
item locations: 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9

Hope you liked the new weekly feature,
Monday Mash Up!

***If you have a color or theme suggestion please
feel free to let me know by commenting or emailing me

& your idea could be the next Monday Mash Up!***
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