i love lavender.


i absolutely love spring and summer...love the sunshine and outdoor activities...and most of all i love my flower gardens! i love planting new things, playing around with color, watching as all my plants come up again and again...

i love cutting the sweet lavender...drying it & displaying it in my home!

i love visiting the local nursery and this little farmers market called sweet water farms that sells locally grown produce and flowers! last year i bought 3 lavender plants from there and fell in love! it looks and smells so lovely!
this year I plan to line my cobblestone walkway with lavender! i am so excited about it! i am hoping to have my walkway up to my front door look something like picture #2.

i am also working on some new design ideas featuring my metal stamping and lavender...hmmmm what could it be? stay tuned! ;)

What are some of your favorite flowers?
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