I'm Jessica - it's very nice to meet you.


Hello! I'm Jessica. Wife to my high school sweetheart, Brooks, Mommy to my 3 little ones, a hopeless romantic, a dreamer and an Indie Biz Owner.

I'm a Lover of Jesus + Saved by Grace. I am a coffee addict, vintage lover, small town girl, forever in search of the perfect book, pair of jeans, lip gloss & caramel latte. 

I know it sounds cliche, but I have always loved creating. All my life I have loved making things. A few years ago when I discovered hand stamping, I muttered my famous "I can do that" line and asked for some stamps for Christmas. What started out as a hobby, quickly became something more and now, being able to say that I turned my hobby into a successful business, is truly a dream come true.

I have a passion for re-purposing. I love taking something old, and making it into something new. This not only applies to the items in my shop, but also to the "trash" I find on someone's curb, or the rusty old something or another I find at a flea market...I'm always thinking of what I can transform it into. 

My blog is where I share my love of pretty things, my passion for this handmade community, inspiration, my thoughts, my struggles, my triumphs, my life... 

I married Brooks, my high school sweetheart in 2003.  He was 23, I was 21. It was one of the happiest days of my life.

Three years later we had our first baby girl, Brooklyn. 19 short months later we had our son, Lofton. Two months after I had him, I was diagnosed with Cancer.  It was the scariest time in my life. 

Four months of chemo and one month of radiation later, I was CANCER FREE! After being told we might not be able to have any more children, God blessed us with our third child, Lucy! 

My heart is full.

I feel incredibly blessed to be living my dream as a wife, mother & an indie business owner.  Most days you can find me in my home studio, working alongside the baby dolls my Lucy brings to work with mommy.

Other days, you can find me watching family movies snuggled on the couch or a favorite sitcom with the Hubby after we tuck the kids in bed, reading a good book while drinking a good cup of coffee, working in my flower beds or just enjoying the life God has blessed me with.

please, come visit my shop.

I am happy. I am in love with my best friend. I am living my dream. I am blessed. And I am so glad you are here on this journey with me!

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